Related Links

This section is a list of miscellaneous links related to each chapter. For libraries required to run code from the book, see the Code Libraries section.

Chapter 1 - Java Language and Core API

Links related to core API features discussed in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 - String Utilities

Links related to String processing, regular expressions, random text, arrays, binary strings, and message formatting.

Chapter 3 - Processing XML and HTML

Links related to processing XML/HTML documents and other types of structured text.

Chapter 4 - Crawling the Semantic Web

Links related to RDF, N3, and other topics concerning the Semantic Web.

Chapter 5 - Scientific and Mathematical Applications

Links related to scientific and mathematical programming in Java.

Chapter 6 - Graphics and Data Visualization

Links related to graphics and data visualization.

Chapter 7 - Multimedia and Synchronization

Links related to multimedia and synchronization.

Chapter 8 - Fun, Integration and Project Ideas

Links related to projects and miscellaneous topics from Chapter 8.