Regular expression does not work for hyphenated ancestor titles

Page 23: In the section titled Staying Regular: Using Regular Expressions to Search Text, the regular expression to match an ancestor is incorrect if searching for hyphenated names. Remove the hyphens in "great-great-grandmother" and "great-great-great-grandfather" and replace with spaces, or change the regular expression to


Extra curly brace on removeMatches method

Page 103: In the section titled Fun-Tors: Creating and Applying Functors, the definition of the removeMatches method has an extra closing curly brace.

Typo in

Page 155: In the section titled Fugue in Mid-D: Using JFugue with Java Sound MIDI, there is a typo. The line that says

Pattern song = new Pattern("cq5 d5q e5q f5q g5q a5q b5q c6w");

should instead read

Pattern song = new Pattern("c5q d5q e5q f5q g5q a5q b5q c6w");

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